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WTF Newgrounds!

2008-12-02 16:41:13 by Wimzer

I recently discovered the program Fruity Loops, it didn't take long to create a pretty neat
loop in the program. SO I wanted to upload the little bugger into the Audio Portal and they we're all like:
We must check blah blah Administration blah blah, WITHIN 2 DAYSIT SHOULD BE ONLINE blah blah blaaaah.

I found myself waiting for almost a week and still no response, no conformation, no rejection, no squat!

So WTF, it's a very simple basic breakbeat/hip hop stylish small loop(about 5-10 seconds!)

ANyone knows whattehell is wrong? I'm working and learning to create new songs in Fruity Loops and I hope to become a contributor to the Audio Portal but if Newgrounds fails, it would be the first time for me to happen.

Can someone tell me whatthefuck is wrong?

WTF Newgrounds!

fuck the M.I.R.O project

2008-09-23 11:42:58 by Wimzer

yeah if you red my previous post you'll see i wanted to post a flash movie this summer
buuuut... it's too much work right now with school and all that so maybe with the next newgrounds holiday i'll retry to release it

M.I.R.O this summer!

2008-06-08 16:06:13 by Wimzer

This summer i will release my serie M.I.RO (MULTIPLE IDENTITY ROOM)
Months of hard work are finally gonna pay off.

The main idea behind the series of M.I.RO: An experimantal robot called M.I.RO escapes the labaratory
where he was created and begins his journey of destruction in a small town not so far of the lab.
M.I.RO has the power to copycat others appearance and abilities, very strange phenomenom.
Ofcourse he will be hunt down by his creators...

M.I.R.O this summer!

Help, animating!! Assist with comments!

2008-06-05 06:07:12 by Wimzer

I draw a lot, and just started using flash, I made a game on NG with the help of a classmate(game) but now I want to animate my drawings, I scanned them into my hard drive but how do I animate these?!? In flash, or some other program? Flash would be great cuz then they'll be vector right? I just wanna make some toons outta these NOT games( programming ugh)

Check drawings through this link==>drawings

Help, animating!! Assist with comments!

Yay! My first game is released!

2008-05-12 12:48:50 by Wimzer

So go and check it out!
Follow this link towards the game !

Uuuuh...... :)

2008-04-11 13:51:28 by Wimzer

so booooored

Allright Thing-thing 4 is uploaded !
Pwnage time!!!

wooot woot the sound of da police!

seriously, I need to get out of here....

Yup i wanna make some flash movies! So instead of watching everyone elses crap(sorry guys)
I wanna start and make things myself but does someone now a site with good tutorials?

otherwise i'm gonna have to keep it with my stupid stopmotion-crap

Someones gotta tell me where to find descent tutorials

Wow man did you check latest TAnkmen episode ? It's hilarious shit man fucked up, but funny yeah funnny

damn i'm bored

So watcha want?

2007-12-23 11:04:58 by Wimzer

as this is my first post I say......