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WTF Newgrounds!

2008-12-02 16:41:13 by Wimzer

I recently discovered the program Fruity Loops, it didn't take long to create a pretty neat
loop in the program. SO I wanted to upload the little bugger into the Audio Portal and they we're all like:
We must check blah blah Administration blah blah, WITHIN 2 DAYSIT SHOULD BE ONLINE blah blah blaaaah.

I found myself waiting for almost a week and still no response, no conformation, no rejection, no squat!

So WTF, it's a very simple basic breakbeat/hip hop stylish small loop(about 5-10 seconds!)

ANyone knows whattehell is wrong? I'm working and learning to create new songs in Fruity Loops and I hope to become a contributor to the Audio Portal but if Newgrounds fails, it would be the first time for me to happen.

Can someone tell me whatthefuck is wrong?

WTF Newgrounds!


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2008-12-02 16:50:07

A lot of people submit music and they can't easily approve it all. It can take a while. If you want to now more: 56515


2009-05-10 12:46:03

Don't you just <3 slow/dumb audio mods?